Man Suspected of Killing 3 Homeless Men in Los Angeles Is Arrested


Authorities have identified and arrested a suspect in connection with the killings of three homeless men in Los Angeles this week and tied the suspect to a fourth homicide nearby, officials said on Saturday afternoon.

The suspect, identified as Jerrid Joseph Powell, 33, a resident of Los Angeles, was already in custody after being arrested earlier this week in connection with the killing of a father of two in San Dimas, Calif., in a robbery on Tuesday after the suspect followed the victim home, officials said.

The three homeless victims — all men who were in alleys or open areas by themselves — were shot and killed in the early morning hours on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, authorities had said. Two of the victims have been identified as Jose Bolanos, 37, and Mark Diggs, 62, who both suffered a gunshot wound to the head, according to the coroner’s report. The third victim has not been identified as his next of kin has not yet been notified.

Authorities said they have not yet established a motive for those killings.

Michel Moore, the Los Angeles police chief, said that authorities had identified a vehicle they believe was used in all four homicides and tied it to Mr. Powell, who was already in custody in connection with the San Dimas killing of Nicholas Simbolon, 42.

A handgun found in the car also matched the weapon used in the killings of the three homeless men, the authorities said.

It was unclear on Saturday evening whether Mr. Powell had any legal representation or when an arraignment would occur.

“I’m grateful that this suspect in this case is in custody, and no longer a threat to our community,” Chief Moore said.

The announcement of the arrest of Mr. Powell comes just one day after police announced the string of killings of the three homeless men and asked the public for help in locating a man in a dark-colored sedan appearing in surveillance footage.


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