Euro 2024: Bracket and fixtures schedule for finals

Check out all the fixtures, venues and kick-off times for Euro 2024 including the knockout bracket.

What is the Euro 2024 format?

The 24 teams were drawn into six groups of four nations.

The group winners and runners-up will advance to the knockout rounds, along with the four best third-placed teams.

It is then a straight knockout tournament, with extra time and penalties if necessary. There will be a round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and a final.

The tournament is being hosted by Germany, with matches to be played in the cities of Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart.

Kick-off times of the all games through to the quarterfinals, other than the opening match, will be confirmed shortly.

Playoff Path A – Poland, Wales, Estonia, Finland
Playoff Path B – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Iceland, Ukraine
Playoff Path C – Georgia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg

Playoffs to be played in March.

Fixtures and bracket


Friday, June 14
Group A:
Germany vs. Scotland (Munich; 9 p.m. local / 3 p.m. ET)

Saturday, June 15
Group A:
Hungary vs. Switzerland (Cologne)
Group B: Spain vs. Croatia (Berlin)
Group B: B3 vs. Albania (Dortmund)

Sunday, June 16
Group C: Slovenia vs. Denmark (Stuttgart)
Group C: C3 vs. England (Gelsenkirchen)
Group D: D1 vs. Netherlands (Hamburg)

Monday, June 17
Group D: Austria vs. France (Düsseldorf)
Group E: Belgium vs. Slovakia (Frankfurt)
Group E: Romania vs. E4 (Munich)

Tuesday, June 18
Group F: Turkey vs. F2 (Dortmund)
Group F: Portugal vs. Czechia (Leipzig)

Wednesday, June 19
Group A: Scotland vs. Switzerland (Cologne)
Group A: Germany vs. Hungary (Stuttgart)
Group B: Croatia vs. Albania (Hamburg)

Thursday, June 20
Group B
: Spain vs. B3 (Gelsenkirchen)
Group C: Denmark vs. England (Frankfurt)
Group C: Slovenia vs. C3 (Munich)

Friday, June 21
Group D: D1 vs. Austria (Berlin)
Group D: Netherlands vs. France (Leipzig)
Group E: Slovakia vs. E4 (Düsseldorf)

Saturday, June 22
Group E: Belgium vs. Romania (Cologne)
Group F: Turkey vs. Portugal (Dortmund)
Group F: F2 vs. Czechia (Hamburg)

Sunday, June 23
Group A: Switzerland vs. Germany (Frankfurt)
Group A: Scotland vs. Hungary (Stuttgart)

Monday, June 24
Group B: Albania vs. Spain (Düsseldorf)
Group B: Croatia vs. B3 (Leipzig)
Group C: England vs. Slovenia (Cologne)
Group C: Denmark vs. C3 (Munich)

Tuesday, June 25
Group D: France vs. D1 (Dortmund)
Group D: Netherlands vs. Austria (Berlin)

Wednesday, June 26
Group E: E4 vs. Belgium (Stuttgart)
Group E: Slovakia vs. Romania (Frankfurt)
Group F: Czechia vs. Turkey (Hamburg)
Group F: F2 vs. Portugal (Gelsenkirchen)


The distribution of third-placed teams will depend upon which four groups provide the teams.

Saturday, June 29
37- Winners of Group A vs. Runners-up of Group C (Dortmund)
38 – Runners-up of Group A vs. Runners-up of Group B (Berlin)

Sunday, June 30
39 – Winners of Group B vs. 3rd in Group A, D, E or F (Cologne)
40 – Winners of Group C vs. 3rd in Group D, E or F (Gelsenkirchen)

Monday, July 1
41 – Winners of Group F vs. 3rd in Group A, B or C (Frankfurt)
42 – Runners-up of Group D vs. Runners-up of Group E (Düsseldorf)

Tuesday, July 2
43 – Winners of Group E vs. 3rd in Group A, B, C or D (Munich)
44 – Winners of Group D vs. Runners-up of Group F (Leipzig)


Friday, July 5
45 – Winners of Match 39 vs. Winners of Match 37 (Stuttgart)
46 – Winners of Match 41 vs. Winners of Match 42 (Hamburg)

Saturday, July 6
47 – Winners of Match 43 vs. Winners of Match 44 (Berlin)
48 – Winners of Match 40 vs. Winners of Match 38 (Düsseldorf)


Tuesday, July 6
49 – Winners of Match 45 vs. Winners of Match 46 (Munich; 9 p.m. local / 3 p.m. ET)

Wednesday, July 7
50 – Winners of Match 47 vs. Winners of Match 48 (Dortmund; 9 p.m. local / 3 p.m. ET)


Sunday, July 11
Winners of Match 49 vs. Winners of Match 50 (Berlin; 9 p.m. local / 3 p.m. ET)

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