Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on challenging Google with the help of AI technology: “It’s a new race”

[ad_1] For the past two decades, more people have used Google to explore the internet than any other search engine. Now, Microsoft is looking to challenge that dominance using breakthroughs in artificial intelligence.   Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled an advanced version of its search engine Bing. Along with the usual search results, ChatGPT-like technology can answer … Read more

Microsoft revamps search engine with AI technology

[ad_1] Microsoft revamps search engine with AI technology – CBS News Watch CBS News Microsoft unveiled a new artificial intelligence-powered search engine as it seeks to gain an edge in the industry. The company’s Bing search engine will soon integrate some of the popular AI technology known as ChatGPT. Jonathan Vigliotti has more. Be the … Read more

Here are the latest tech layoffs as the industry shudders

[ad_1] The high-flying tech industry is facing a reckoning as the economy slows and customers pull back on spending. In the past month alone, tech companies have cut nearly 60,000 jobs, reversing a hiring spree that surged during the pandemic as millions of Americans moved their lives online. IBM was one of the latest to slash … Read more

Hackers stole record $4 billion in cryptocurrency last year

[ad_1] Hackers stole a record $3.8 billion worth of cryptocurrency globally last year, led by thieves tied to North Korea, according to a blockchain analytics firm that tracks cybercrime. Researchers at Chainalysis called 2022 “the biggest year ever for crypto hacking” in a report published last week. Thefts rose from $3.3 billion stolen in 2021, the … Read more

IRS tells millions of Americans to hold off on filing their taxes

[ad_1] The IRS is asking millions of taxpayers in California, Colorado and other states that issued tax rebates last year to hold off on filing their taxes.  The reason: The agency said it is seeking to clarify whether those tax rebates and special refunds are considered taxable income. “We expect to provide additional clarity for … Read more

More than half of U.S. states are moving to cut your taxes

[ad_1] Even as the U.S. economy shows signs of slowing down, many states around the U.S. are flush with cash, with their so-called rainy day funds estimated to reach a record high of $136.8 billion this fiscal year. And lawmakers in more than half of states are responding to their new cash cushions with similar … Read more

Microsoft unveils enhanced Bing search engine with ChatGPT-like functions

[ad_1] Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled an advanced version of its search engine Bing, complete with ChatGPT-like technology that can answer complex questions and help users make decisions. The push is part of Microsoft’s effort to transform an internet service that now trails far behind Google into a new way of communicating. Revamping Bing, the second-place … Read more

The child care crisis is costing the economy $122 billion a year, new study finds – and it’s not just hurting families, businesses and taxpayers are taking a hit

[ad_1] When parents can’t find adequate child care, they might miss work, get fired or choose to leave the workforce entirely — all of which not only affects how much money families earn, but costs businesses and taxpayers. And the situation has gotten worse in recent years. According to the study from ReadyNation, the economy … Read more

Disney pulls

[ad_1] Disney has removed an episode of “The Simpsons” that mentions China’s human rights abuses from the entertainment company’s streaming platform in Hong Kong, the Financial Times reports.  The episode, titled “One Angry Lisa,” features a joke about “forced labor camps where children make smartphones” in China. It is no longer available on Disney+ in Hong … Read more

Tickets to watch LeBron James break the NBA scoring record are going for more than $69,000

[ad_1] LeBron James is set to break NBA scoring record LeBron James is set to break NBA scoring record 00:40 With LeBron James expected to break the NBA’s all-time scoring record this week, fans eager to watch the Los Angeles Laker star vault into sports history in person will have to lay out big bucks. … Read more