Family of Henrietta Lacks settles HeLa cell lawsuit with biotech giant, lawyer says

[ad_1] The family of Henrietta Lacks, a Black woman whose cells were used without permission to form the basis of decades of scientific research, has reached a settlement with the biotech company Thermo Fisher Scientific. The cells, known as HeLa cells, were taken from Lacks without her knowledge or consent in 1951 when she was … Read more

Deepfake pornography could be a growing problem as AI editing programs become more sophisticated

[ad_1] Artificial intelligence imaging can be used to create art, try on clothes in virtual fitting rooms or help design advertising campaigns. But experts fear the darker side of the easily accessible tools could worsen something that primarily harms women: nonconsensual “deepfake” pornography. Deepfakes are videos and images that have been digitally created or altered … Read more

Kids to require parental consent to access social media apps under new Utah law

[ad_1] Children and teenagers in Utah are to lose access to social media apps such as TikTok if they don’t have parental consent and would face other restrictions under a first-in-the-nation law designed to shield young people from the addictive apps. The two bills Utah Gov. Spencer Cox signed into law also prohibit kids under … Read more

Virgin Orbit reportedly furloughs staff, suspending all operations

[ad_1] Virgin Orbit said Thursday it is pausing all operations amid reports the company is furloughing almost all its staff as part of a bid to seek a funding lifeline. The U.S.-based satellite launch company confirmed it’s putting all work on hold, but didn’t say how long the freeze would last. “Virgin Orbit is initiating … Read more

What is Section 230, the rule that shaped the modern internet?

[ad_1] Twenty-six words tucked into a 1996 law overhauling telecommunications have allowed companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google to grow into the giants they are today. A case coming before the U.S. Supreme Court this week, Gonzalez v. Google, challenges this law — namely whether tech companies are liable for the material posted on their … Read more

Microsoft unveils enhanced Bing search engine with ChatGPT-like functions

[ad_1] Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled an advanced version of its search engine Bing, complete with ChatGPT-like technology that can answer complex questions and help users make decisions. The push is part of Microsoft’s effort to transform an internet service that now trails far behind Google into a new way of communicating. Revamping Bing, the second-place … Read more

Scientists in China are cloning

[ad_1] Chinese scientists said they have successfully cloned three “super cow” calves that, once fully grown, are capable of producing 50% more milk than the average American cow. The cloning experiment began last year at Northwest University of Agricultural and Forestry Science and Technology in Shaanxi, China. Scientists sampled tissue from cows across China and … Read more

Microsoft pouring billions into ChatGPT-maker OpenAI

[ad_1] Microsoft says it is making a “multiyear, multibillion dollar investment” in the artificial intelligence startup OpenAI, maker of ChatGPT and other tools that can write readable text and generate new images. The tech giant on Monday described its new agreement as the third stage of a growing partnership with San Francisco-based OpenAI that began … Read more

GM says its U.S. facilities will be powered by renewables by 2025

[ad_1] General Motors said Wednesday that it has secured all of the renewable energy it needs to power all of its U.S. facilities by 2025, 25 years ahead of earlier projections. The Detroit automaker, which initially targeted the year 2050 to achieve its all-renewables goal, said it secured sourcing agreements from 16 renewable energy plants … Read more