FDA approves a new weight loss drug, Zepbound from Eli Lilly

[ad_1] The Food and Drug Administration approved a request by Eli Lilly on Wednesday to begin marketing its tirzepatide medication, which is branded as Mounjaro for diabetes, under a new brand for weight loss as well. While Mounjaro had already been used by some patients “off-label” for weight loss, the new FDA approval will allow … Read more

FDA updates Ozempic label with potential blocked intestines side effect, also reported with Wegovy and Mounjaro

[ad_1] Weight-loss drugs can have side effects Health officials raise concern about weight-loss drugs’ possible side effects 05:19 The label for the diabetes drug Ozempic — which has become popular for weight loss — now acknowledges reports of blocked intestines following use of the medication. The change comes after the Food and Drug Administration greenlighted … Read more

Wegovy patients saw 20% reduction in cardiovascular risks, drugmaker says

[ad_1] Wegovy, one of a new class of drugs used for weight loss, reduced the risk of heart attacks in overweight adults in a large trial, according to its manufacturer.  Drugmaker Novo Nordisk on Tuesday reported the results of a new study that tracked more than 17,000 adults over the age of 45 who were overweight or … Read more

Jenny Craig plans to close its weight-loss centers, report says

[ad_1] Weight-loss business Jenny Craig is overhauling its business model four decades after the diet program first launched. The company plans to close its 600 centers across the U.S. and revamp itself as an e-commerce player, NBC News first reported.  “2023 marks the 40th anniversary since Jenny Craig started changing people’s lives with her iconic meals … Read more

Ozempic-like weight loss drug Wegovy coming to the U.K. market, and it will cost a fraction of what Americans pay

[ad_1] London — Major drug store chains in the United Kingdom plan to start selling the weight loss drug Wegovy, a different version of its hugely popular Ozempic brand, this year, as the company that makes both says it’s working to expand supplies of the popular semaglutide medications to Europe. Semaglutide works by mimicking the action … Read more