After O.J. Simpson’s trial, an insatiable appetite for reality TV

[ad_1] Americans turned off their soap operas and flipped to Court TV. They developed an unexpected taste for around-the-clock news coverage of the same story, night after night. And before long, they had elevated the non-acting, non-singing goddaughter of a disgraced football player to global superstar. In other words, you can thank, or blame, O.J. … Read more

Margot Robbie to make new Monopoly movie

[ad_1] Margot Robbie isn’t done playing games. Fresh off her success as a producer and star of “Barbie,” Robbie is creating a Monopoly movie through her production company, LuckyChap. They’ll be joining forces with the game’s parent company, Hasbro Entertainment, and Lionsgate, which owns the rights, to bring the classic board game to film. The … Read more

Review | ‘The Sympathizer’ puts the Vietnam War back on American TV — with a twist

[ad_1] Despite its status as the “living room war” that got broadcast into American homes, there’s startlingly little scripted American television about the war in Vietnam. That occurred to me while watching HBO’s “The Sympathizer,” Park Chan-wook and Don McKellar’s stylish and wry seven-episode adaptation of Viet Thanh Nguyen’s 2015 novel of the same name. … Read more

Review | The Sting dance show is hard to understand but pretty much works

[ad_1] Sting has for decades made a practice of closing his concerts with “Fragile.” The pacifist ballad comes from “… Nothing Like the Sun,” the 1987 album that cemented the schoolteacher-turned-professorial-rock-star’s reputation as an artist with a global focus, in instrumentation and in subject. But the song from that album that provides the climax to … Read more

Review | Guest conductor Xian Zhang makes herself at home with the NSO

[ad_1] What with all the hubbub surrounding the current game of musical (director) chairs underway across the American orchestral landscape, it could be easy to miss the distinct (and nonindustrial) buzz coming from New Jersey, where conductor Xian Zhang has been making a big impression with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra since her appointment as … Read more

‘Golden Bachelor’ pair announces divorce after three months of marriage

[ad_1] The first “Golden Bachelor” couple, Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist, said they’re calling it quits after only three months of marriage. The pair announced their divorce in a “Good Morning America” interview on Friday, explaining that it was best for them and their families that they live apart. Turner, who lives in Indiana, and … Read more

The unlikely but enduring bond between Norm Macdonald and O.J. Simpson

[ad_1] As helicopters hovered over Brentwood to see how O.J. Simpson celebrated on the first weekend since his acquittal in October 1995, Norm Macdonald took his seat at “Saturday Night Live’s” Weekend Update desk and delivered his opening line with a half-smirk. “Well, it is finally official,” he said. “Murder is legal in the state … Read more