Barbie craze extends to summer grilling with Heinz Classic


How Mattel is marking Barbie’s 65th birthday

Mattel marks Barbie’s 65th birthday by creating dolls of iconic women


Taking a cue from its blockbuster brand, Mattel is partnering with Kraft Heinz Co. to create “Barbiecue” sauce.

Colored Barbie pink, the condiment is being offered by Kraft in the United Kingdom, beginning with a limited-edition sale of 5,000 bottles online starting today. The online promotion will be followed by a nationwide run at Tesco supermarkets later in the week and then via a UK delivery service in the middle of May, the food producer and Mattel announced on Monday. 

Bottles of the sauce, which gets its pink hue from beetroot extract, will be available across Spain on April 25. 

Heinz alluded to the condiment in an Instagram post in August, pairing a bottle of the Barbiecue sauce with Tomato “Kenchup,” and asking if the company should “make this dream team a reality.”

Barbie-themed products have been in heavy demand since the “Barbie” film’s release in July 2023.


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